Keitaro Matsumoto, research assistant to T-GEx Fellow Dr.Hisashi Hayakawa, YLC Designated Assistant Professor, Institute for Advanced Research / Institute for Space–Earth Environmental Research (ISEE), Nagoya University, has received the Student Outstanding Presentation Award for his contribution to Dr.Hayakawa’s work on the T-GEx.

Keitaro Matsumoto has been won Outstanding Student Presentation award for his presentation at Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2022 (JpGu 2022) on 22 May -- 2 June 2022. Keitaro Matsumoto is a research assistant of Hisashi Hayakawa, a Designated Assistant Professor of IAR/ISEE, Nagoya University, and a T-GEx fellow, who has worked on a global challenge about "Investigations and quantitative reconstructions of extreme solar storms in the past 3 millennia based on historical documents". In this project, they are working on reconstructions of past solar flares on the basis of analog measurements of solar radio fluxes at Toyokawa Observatory and Nobeyama Observatory from the 1950s onward. Here, they have worked on their modern series to improve analyses for the background statistical and physical mechanisms. Keitaro Matsumoto's presentation has significantly contributed to these improvements and formed a fundamental basis for future analyses of analog solar radio records preserved in Nobeyama Observatory.

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