A paper by T-GEx Fellow Dr. HATTORI Yuki (Nagoya University) has been published in Viewpoint of the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

The research result of T-GEx Fellow Dr. HATTORI Yuki, Graduate School of Medicine Nagoya University, was published in Journal of Experimental MedicineのViewpoint. This project shines a spotlight on women in science who are active around the world, and features interviews with female researchers in a variety of research fields about science and the research process.
(From Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine website)

Journal of Experimental MedicineのViewpoint 11 June 2024
Women in STEM becoming independent: The journey to independence is an immensely gratifying odyssey(Impact factor: 15.3)
Clarissa Campbell, Maja Funk, Yuki Hattori, Wei Hu, Jana Jeschke, Colleen Lau, Guang Sheng Ling, Siqi Liu, Verónica Lloréns-Rico, Elisa Nemes
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