MINAMI Shoichiro

Starting year 2024

Nanzan University
Faculty of Humanities
Assistant Professor

Research fields

Religious Philosophy

Research Interests


Professional Memberships

The Japan Society of Cristian Studies
apanese Association for Religious Studies
Japan Kant Society

Main research topics

 I have been conducting research on the philosophy of religion of the 18th century German (Prussian) philosopher Kant, particularly the process of transition from ethics to philosophy of religion in Kant. Kant clarified his ethical and moral philosophical stance in works such as ” Grundlegung zur Metaphysik der Sitten” (1785) and “Kritik der praktischen Vernunft” (1788). In his subsequent works on ethics, such as ” Kritik der praktischen Vernunft ” and ” Die Religion innerhalb der Grenzen der bloßen Vernunft ” (1793), he attempted to build religion on the foundation of ethics. In that sense, it can be said that Kant’s philosophy of religion has the character of distinguishing between religions that have a correct foundation in ethics and those that do not, or religions that are philosophically unacceptable.

 As described above, my research to date has aimed to elucidate the thoughts of philosophers of the past and has been largely philosophical history research. However, my own interests are a bit more current: regarding religion bringing about various ethical problems in modern society, I would like to find a way to distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable religions, or to clarify the ideal form of religion, and to clarify the role and raison d’être of religion in society. In recent years, even within Japan, the way certain religions are treated has become an issue, and related issues such as the nature of laws regulating religion are also being debated. However, by applying philosophical thinking and analysis of the relationship between religion and ethics, I believe that it is possible to identify the issues more clearly and make it easier to see the nature of the problems and the direction in which they should be addressed.

Representative papers

・「カントの実践哲学における二つの意志概念―WilleおよびWillkürの概念とその変遷」、単著、20113月、『キリスト教と近代社会』、現代キリスト教思想研究会、pp.71-86. (16p.)

・「カントの宗教哲学における倫理的公共体と義務としての最高善の促進 ――宗教哲学から社会哲学への移行とその問題――」、単著、20173月、『基督教学研究』、36号、京都大学基督教学会、pp.67-80. (14 p.)

Research URL

南山大学研究者詳細 https://porta.nanzan-u.ac.jp/research/view?l=ja&u=104627&a2=1001204&o=affiliation&sm=affiliation&sl=ja&sp=2


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