Starting year 2023

Mie University
Faculty of Engineering/
Graduate School of Engineering/
Center for Data Science Education and Research
Associate Professor

Research fields

Artificial intelligence
Educational technology

Research Interests

Multi-agent simulation
Auto tutor
Automated negotiation

Professional Memberships

The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers(IEICE)
 The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence(JSAI)

Main research topics

Social networking services such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat came to be used for exchanging opinions, so people can now easily exchange opinions online.

Although current social networking services facilitate the exchange of opinions, it is difficult to say that they have realized a mechanism to aggregate opinions in a better form and achieve consensus.

In this setting, it is becoming essential to listen to and consider the opinions of a large number of citizens in high-level decision-making by experts in public policy and other fields.

Existing methods such as workshops could fail in gathering the opinions of a large number of individuals in a closed space and for a limited amount of time.

There is therefore a strong need for a methodology and a discussion support system that can aggregate opinions on diverse topics and among a large number of people to reach a consensus.

This research aims to automate a mechanism to support opinion aggregation and consensus building using intelligent processing and multi-agent technologies.



Representative papers

Shun Okuhara, Takayuki Ito, “Compromising Strategies for Agents in Multiple Interdependent Issues”, IEICE Transactions on CommunicationsDVol.J103-D,No.4,2020.4

Research URL

researchmap https://researchmap.jp/okuhara_shun


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