2022 Retreat camp was held

The retreat training camp held at Nagoya Tokyu Hotel from September 14th to 15th ended successfully.
T-GEx young researchers interacted with each other to build a next-generation researcher network that will enable "formation and sharing of collective knowledge" and "joint research in different fields."
◎Training camp theme: Day 1: “Knowing day” to get to know each other and deepen friendships
            Day 2: “Creation Day” to form and share collective knowledge
The first day, "Know Day," is based on the concept of "Know," and is an opportunity for T-GEx Fellows and Associates to share a variety of knowledge related to their own research fields, and to feed back the obtained knowledge into their own research. became.
On the second day, ``Creation Day,'' the concept was ``Create,'' and the aim was to form and share collective knowledge through group discussions.
From the participants,
``I learned a lot, gathered information, and shared my concerns.When I suddenly thought about the questions I received from people in different fields at the training camp, a new idea came to me and I added it to my paper.My mind became more flexible. Thanks to you, I really felt the effects of the training camp!”
“It was very stimulating. I think it was because the participating professors basically respected each other and were trying to get to know researchers in other fields. Also, the discussions were accurate and concise. I think that also helped me understand the topic clearly.”
``It was very stimulating to hear the opinions of people in fields that I don't normally come into contact with, and it was a very good experience to learn about the struggles that each person has.''
We received comments such as: In addition to gaining new knowledge from different fields, the two days provided me with a variety of stimulation that will have an impact on my future research life.