Toyohashi University of Technology
Department of mechanical engineering
Assistant professor

Research Areas:Energy Engineering
Manufacturing Technology (Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Chemical Engineering)
Frontier Technology (Aerospace Engineering, Marine and Maritime Engineering)
Natural Science

Research fields

Fluid engineering
Thermal engineering
Spacecraft thermal control engineering
High voltage engineering
Micro fluidics

Research Interests

Loop heat pipe
porous media
Liquid-vapor two-phase flow

Professional Memberships

The Heat Transfer Society of Japan
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
The Japan Fluid Power System Society
The Institute of Electrostatics Japan

Main research topics

We need to accelerate thermal energy utilization, electrification of machine according to carbon neutral requirements in 2050. In addition, high-density packaging of electronic devices is required. Therefore, advanced heat transfer and cooling technologies are necessary. Breakthrough technologies are indispensable, rather than improving the performance of conventional technologies. Aiming to develop heat transport technology that cannot be achieved with conventional mechanical fans, I am developing maintenance-free, semi-permanent heat control devices based on the concept of flow and thermal controls driven by no power or low power that contributes to energy saving. The research keywords are passive, no moving parts, maintenance-free, and long life. Focusing on capillary force, phase change, porous media, electrically driven flow, I am conducting multiphysical research among fluid flow, heat transfer, and electricity. My fundamental research topics are pore network simulation considering variation in void structure of porous media, observation of liquid-vapor two-phase flow in porous media such as fingering phenomenon, measurement of thermofluid characteristics of porous media using X-ray CT, electrohydrodynamics (EHD) simulation of insulating liquid, EHD in liquid-vapor two-phase flow, miniaturization of EHD pumps. Application developments are cooling technology using capillary force (Loop heat pipe, LHP), solar thermal energy utilization using LHP, LHP cooling of next-generation power semiconductor, thermal control with EHD, and spacecraft thermal control devices.

Representative papers

M.Nishikawara, H. Nagano, and M. Prat, “Numerical Study on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Loop Heat Pipe Evaporator Using Three-Dimensional Pore Network Model,” Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol. 126, No. 5, pp. 1098-1106, 2017.

Nishikawara, R. Yoneda, Y. Shinagawa, H. Yanada, T. Miyakita, K. Sawada, “Temperature dependence of the characteristics of an electrohydrodynamic pump with plate-bar electrodes,” IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Vol.56, No. 1, pp. 704-710,2020.

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Toyohashi University of Technology


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